DJラビン(from ブッダバー、パリ) + American Apparel スペシャルダンスショー

(English text follows Japanese)

会場: XEX日本橋
日時: 2月25日土曜日 22:00 - 05:00
入場料: 4,000円(シャンパン1杯付き)


インド洋に浮かぶモーリシャス島で生まれたRavinは幼年期から音楽への情熱を深め、1980年代末期にはパリの伝説的なクラブThe RexやBain DouchesのレジデントDJとなります。
1997年にオープンしたパリのBuddha BarはRavinに取って大きなターニングポイントとなり、荘厳な寺院のような雰囲気を持つ店は彼の東洋と西洋の調和的な音楽と完璧なマッチングを醸し出すこととなりました。
10年以上Buddha BarのレジデントDJを務めるRavinの国際的名声は増すばかりでジャン・ポール・ゴルティエのファッションショー、スティングのプライベート・パーティ、ブルガリやアルマーニのイベントでも活躍しています。
DJ以外にもプロデューサーとしてBuddha Bar III, VI, VII, IXにおいてはダブル・ゴールデンディスクを受賞し、Fashion TV Club Session, Nirvana Loungeなどのアルバムも手がけています。

またカラフルで最先端のファッションで知られるAmerican Apparelのプロデュースによるダンス・ショーもあります。昨年末のマイケル・ジャクソン・トリビュートのアフターパーティにも出演したチームが今回もスペシャルなパフォーマンスを披露します。


Place: XEX Nihonbashi
Date and Time: Saturday, Feb. 25th 22:00-05:00
Entrance: 4,000 yen (with a glass of champagne)

Born in the Indian Ocean on the island of Mauritius, Ravin moved to France as a teenager where he developed his childhood passion: music. Paris cultivated his interest in dance music and club culture; hence his musical style mixed the eastern airs of his youth with the electronic sounds of his new home in Paris.

The opening of the Buddha Bar, Paris in 1997 marked a turning point in Ravin’s musical direction. The magical atmosphere of this temple-like place harmonised perfectly with Ravin’s personality and artistic taste. More than decade, while Ravin still remains resident DJ at the Buddha Bar Paris, his growing international reputation has taken him to some of the world’s most cutting edge clubs, also playing at Jean Paul Gauthier s Fashion Show, private parties for Sting or for the most exclusive brands as Bulgari, Armani, and many more. 

While developing a dj career, Ravin is increasingly interested in the art of remixing and producing, and he’s now solicited as one of the music world’s greatest talents. Ravin has produced many well-known compilation series: Buddha Bar, Siddharta, Fashion TV Club Session, Nirvana Lounge and etc. He gained a double gold disc as author of Buddha Bar III, VI, VII, IX and the following year released Amnesty International with Frank Nigel to commemorate its 40th anniversary. 
For Ravin, life is music.

We will also have special performance by American Apparel's dance team. Known for its colorful and cutting-edge style, American Apparel is ardently supported by fashionistas. A special dance unit produced and choreographed by American Apparel's Tokyo staff will make a dance performance. The team made the appearance at Michael Jackson's Tribute after-party last December.

Exotic belly dancers will also mesmerize you and Japan's top DJs will be lined up to make sure to keep your feet on the floor until dawn. 


Koutarou. A (Stereo Productions)

Shin (Astron)

Ryo Tsutsui (Weekend Warriorz)


Mark Mood (Foundation and Ooooze)





American Apparel

Belly Dancer Kimina


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